• 2015 e-Workshops

    e-Workshop particpation is limited to STARnet members and registration is required for participation. You may register for upcoming e- Workshops on the SRC website. You must be logged in to your SRC account to submit registration or watch recordings of previous e-Workshops. Registration must be completed 2 hours before the event is scheduled to begin. To view the upcoming e-Workshop schedule visit the SRC website.

    If you have questions about registration or how to watch recordings, please contact cspin [AT] umn.edu. All e-Workshops are held on Wednesdays and will begin at 1:00pm CT.

    2015 e-Workshop Schedule

    February - Hosted by LEAST
    March - Hosted by C-SPIN

    1. March 4: Paul Voyles, University of Wisconsin - Madison
      Interfaces with Heusler Alloys in Spintronic Devices
    2. March 11: Weigang Wang, University of Arizona
      Toward Ultra-Low Energy Switching in Magnetic Tunnel Junctions
    3. March 18: Steven Koester, University of Minnesota
    4. March 25: Maxim Tsoi, University of Texas - Austin

    April - Hosted by FAME
    May - Hosted by LEAST
    June - Hosted by C-SPIN
    July - Hosted by FAME
    August - TBD

    Past e-Workshops

    2014 C-SPIN e-Workshops

    Ludwig Bartels, University of California - Riverside
    2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Films: Facile Single-Layer Film Growth on SiO2 and Bandgap Engineering through Alloying

    Geoffrey Beach, MIT
    Spin-Orbitronics: Interfacial Design of Spintronic Materials and Devices

    Chris Kim - University of Minnesota
    Spin Based Computing: A Case Study on a High Performance Microprocessor

    Supriyo Datta - Purdue University
    Spin Circuits, Spin Transistors and Spin Logic

    Nitin Samarth - Penn State University
    Topological Spintronics

    Anand Raghunathan - Purdue University
    Caches from Tapes: Designing On-chip Memory Hierarchies with Domain Wall Memory

    William Butler - University of Arizona - Tuscaloosa
    Theory of L21 Half-Metals

    Roland Kawakami - Ohio State University
    Spintronics in 2D Materials

    To view all past STARnet e-workshops, follow this link. Please note that you must be logged into your SRC account in order to be able to view all past e-workshops.

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