• Post-Doc & Student Mini-Workshops

    These bi-monthly workshops will build on the success of the student workshop held on day two of last year's annual review. The goal of the workshops is to further facilitate learning and collaboration among students as well as strengthen students presentation skills.

    For additional information, including information for presenters and WebEx information, please visit the C-SPIN Intranet.

    Mini-Workshop Dates - 2015

    Below are the dates for the 2015 Mini-Workshops. To view workshop agendas, click on whichever Mini-Workshop dates you are interested in.

    • April 27 & 28
    • June 25 & 26
    • August - TBD
    • October - TBD

    Presenter Awards

    For each Mini-Workshop session, each student presenter receives a gift card for their participation and hard work.

    Previous Winners

    March 2014 Session: Kerem Camsari, Purdue University
    May 2014 Session: Rangharajan Venkatesan, Purdue University
    July 2014 Session: Shankar Ganesh Ramasubramanian, Purdue University
    November 2014 Session: Mihir Pendharkar, University of California - Santa Barbara


    April Mini-Workshop

    Monday, April 27
    Presenter Name Institution Title Theme
    Prof. Hyung-il (Chris) Kim University of Minnesota Benchmarking Spin Based Logic 5

    Tuesday, April 28
    Presenter Name Institution Title Theme
    Kerem Yunus Camsari Purdue University Modular Approach to Spintronics: Applications 4
    Jiaxi Hu University of Minnesota The Effect of Onput-Input Isolation on the Scaling and Energy Consumption of All-Spin Logic Devices 4, 5
    Tao (Emily) Qu University of Minnesota Energy Dissipation Constant in Ferromagnetic Materials and its Properties 1


    June Mini-Workshop

    Tuesday, June 23
    Presenter Name Institution Title Theme
    Dmitri Nikonov Intel Benchmarking Spin Logic and Its Challenges 5

    Friday, June 26
    Presenter Name Institution Title Theme
    Rangharajan Venkatesan Purdue University Spintastic: Spin-based Stochastic Computing 5
    Abhronil Sengupta Purdue University Spintronic devices for non-Boolean Logic 5
    Meghna Mankalale University of Minnesota Optimized Standard Cells for All Spin Logic 5

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